I was born in a non-Christian family, when I was around a year old my mother got expired. My father kept me for a year and left me to the boarding school where lived orphan children and children who had parents. As time year passed my father stopped coming to visit me, and as I grew up enough to understand I realized that i was abandoned by my  father whom I loved very much, who was the only source for my future. I accepted the fact that now I am an orphan and will have to look after my future on my own which was not really easy.akshat As I was growing up in hostel I end up falling in bad habits and filthy life. We had a brother who started conducting prayer meeting in the evening at our chapel, he shared the gospel and I gave my life to Jesus. I prayed and got saved it was just as simple as that. I do not have any supernatural story of me giving my life to Jesus by praying that prayer for the very first time I did not feel any fire or thunder or angel coming down etc. but one thing I knew that I was saved for eternity I am forgiven by the creator, and accepted by the heavenly father for eternity, I knew that this God loves me unconditionally and will never let me go. Will look after my future will protect me form evil, I don’t think there’s any other miracle that is powerful than this that a perfect and royal God adopts a sinner for no benefits but only because he loves as crazy. I am 21 now I trust god for my future, I love God and want to serve in His kingdom. I trust His name and know that He will turn everything for good, and even if He do not I will love Him for us to live is Christ and to die is gain. Amen.
Akshat Sarode.