William Tyndale (1494-1536) Bible translator and martyr, born in England, holds the distinction of being the first man to ever print the New Testament in the English language. He was the first person to take advantage of Guttenberg’s movable-type press for the purpose of printing the Scriptures in English language. 

In his early years, Tyndale devoted himself to study of the Scriptures. However, his open expression of his faith generated much opposition from the Roman Catholic and Church leaders in London. A Roman Catholic clergyman once taunted Tyndale with the statement, “We are better to be without God’s law than the Pope’s”.  Tyndale was infuriated by such Roman Catholic heresies, and he replied, “I defy the Pope and all his laws. If God spare my life ere many years, I will cause the boy that drives the plow to know more of the Scriptures than you!” Contention from Roman Catholic came primarily from a fear of the erosion of their social power if Christian could read the Bible in their own language. Tyndale made it his purpose to translate the Scriptures into the commonly spoken English of the day. Tyndale went into hiding for many years in order to pursue his life’s mission. 

Tyndale was later betrayed by a friend, arrested and imprisoned in the castle of Vilvoorden for 500 days of horrible conditions. He was tried for heresy and treason in a ridiculously unfair trial, and convicted. Tyndale was than strangled and burnt at stake in the prison yard, Oct. 6, 1536. His last word’s were, “Lord, open the king of England’s eyes,” Within four years, at the same king’s behest, four English translation of the Bible were published in England, including Henry’s official Great Bible. All were based on Tyndale’s work. 

Tyndale’s translation inspired the great translations that followed, including the Great Bible of 1582-1609, and the King James Version of 1611. Many of the later English versions have also drawn inspiration from Tyndale. 

The English Bible you read today, is because one man pledged ALLEGIANCE to Jesus Christ and refused to give up, until he fulfilled God’s assignment for his life. 

  • How was your faithfulness, loyalty or commitment to Lord Jesus Christ and His Word challenged this week? How did you handle it?
  • Were there moments when you felt that you compromised, denied or even betrayed your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? What could you have done to maintain allegiance? 
  • Take some time out alone with God this week, and reflect, pray and perhaps even journal your thoughts on how you can apply the following Scripture passage in your life: Matthew 10: 16-39

Through all of life’s battles, and even in the face of death, we stand courageous, undaunted, our loyalty unshaken, our commitment unyielding, with an unwavering allegiance to the Lamb. 

I pledge allegiance to the Lamb with all my strength with all I am I will seek to honor His commands. 

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