Our Goal is to change behavior and work patterns to improve personal efficiency and productivity. 

1. Manage time properly. Ephesians 5: 15-17 

  • Focus on the important, mitigate the urgent 
  • Write To-Do lists that work – do similar tasks back-to-back, to maintain momentum 
  • Create self-imposed deadlines
  • Don’t be afraid to say no 
  • Avoid frivolous meetings (things that are a formality but serve no purpose) 
  • A stitch in time saves nine (a quick decision can save time, procrastination is expensive) proverbs 10:5 Bible 
  • Have a daily routine – that gives you a rhythm, thus increase momentum. 

2. Improve key skills 

  • Ecclesiastes 10: 10

3. Use tools & smart tricks 

  • Avoid doing the same thing twice – reuse. Plan for reuse. 
  • Organize/File things intuitively for easy retrieval 
  • Use your best time for most important/demanding tasks 
  • Break big tasks up so that you finish the longest part first 
  • Do the things that everyone else has to do, when everyone else isn’t doing them 

4. Staying mentally and physically fit 

Mark 1: 35 (Bible) 

Manage your energy, not just your time, 

time is a limited resource and becomes exhausted. Energy, however, is renewable. Renew yourself periodically. 

5. Leverage team work & delegation 
Ecclesiastes 4: 9
Don’t take on “monkeys” __ others responsibilities. Focus on developing and empowering people and free yourself to focus on your priorities. 

6. Develop your Inspiration Quotient (IQ) – supernatural wisdom & revelation 

God can inspire ideas that will save your time, energy and resources. 

7. Welcome the God factor 

Jacob – Genesis 30: 25-43, Gideon – Judges 7

God’s power working on your behalf can override natural laws to produce supernatural outcomes. 


In your small group share your thoughts and insights with one another in response to these questions and what you read, and then take some time to pray for (yourself) each other. 

Which one of the seven keys discussed above, meant to you the most and why? 


Take some time out alone with God this week, and reflect, pray and perhaps even journal your thoughts on the following. 

Identify three keys discussed in today’s blog that you will apply immediately – and write out how you will implement them in your life. 

Helpful? Please share! 🙂 


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