“you can be more than a conqueror, You will never face defeat, you can dare to win by losing all, you can face the heat, dare to Beat the System.” 



  • Different world 
  • Different systems
  • Different cultures 

We’re citizens of Heaven, also known as “Christizens” or “Christians” and live in another world. Colossians 1: 13,14; Philippians 3: 20


The Bible challenges us not to “conform” but dare to go against the flow, in order to live for God.

We must adhere to God’s ways while operating in the world. Although God’s ways are difficult from Man’s way’s – we are called to follow His ways, which are Higher and Better.

Romans 12: 1,2, Isaiah 55: 8,9

For instanceGod’s ways teaches us :

  • To be a leader, you become a servant (Matthew 20: 25-27)
  • To gain, you lose (John 12: 25)
  • To increase, you subtract i.e. give (Luke 6: 38)
  • To multiply, you divide, i.e. die (John 12: 24)
  • You go up, by going down (1Peter 5: 6)
  • Etc.

Daniel and his four friends dared to Beat the System in there day – and they “made it” big time!

We liveuncompromisingly by the word of God. Although this goes against the tide of the world, we know we will ‘beat the system’ (John 17: 16-18)


If possible take a paper and write down your thoughts and insights in response to what you just read, and then take some time to pray for yourself.

  • Think about one or two personal experiences where you stood uncompromisingly on the principles of God’s Word, although it went against the tide of this world, and you saw God help you ‘beat the system’.


  • Romans 12: 1,2
  • Isaiah 55: 8,9
  • John 17: 16-18



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